Political Topics
Interactive visualizations of U.S. political conversation on Twitter.

How does sentiment change over time in response to political events?

What is most popular over time?

Who are the most influential users?

How does information spread in the social network?

  • #p2: Most popular left-leaning meme
  • #dems: Official hashtag for Democrats
  • #ows: Most popular co-occurring left-leaning meme
  • #topprog: Second most popular co-occurring left-leaning meme
  • #tcot: Most popular right-leaning meme
  • #gop: Official hashtag for Republicans
  • #teaparty: Most popular co-occurring right-leaning meme
  • #tlot: Second most popular co-occurring right-leaning meme
What's this?
For each 2-hour interval in the past 3 days, this chart shows the tweet sentiment, based on positive and negative keywords appearing in tweets containing left- and right-leaning memes.

Click on a line to see popular links tweeted during that time.

What's this?
For each 1-day interval in the past 3 months, this chart shows the share of tweet volume containing left- and right-leaning memes out of all tweets. Each line adds to 100%.
User Attention High Low
Partisanship Left Unknown Right
Retweet or Mention
What's this?
Users are circles, colored by automatically detected political partisanship. Links between users represent memes spreading via retweets and mentions. Users that have been retweeted more often are larger.

Click on a circle to see details about the most popular users.

What's this?
A graphical representation of how information has spread from user to user. Users are black dots, connected by retweets and mentions. We visualize all users who have connected in the past 3 months.